Who is Ramon Rivera?

My family and I live on a small homestead in central Texas and couldn't imagine living elsewhere. If your interested in that journey check out our blog over at Quiver Full Farms.


Anyway, I've been doing web development, graphic design, and photography for over 10 years now professionally.  And I started out putzing around with it long before that! I'm just a geek at heart!

I like to do things that challenge me. Things that keep both my body and my mind strong. So naturally I have many hobbies. And really, that's what these About pages are for right? Toting your list of never ending hobbies? So here it goes:


  • GoRuck Events
  • Working Out
  • Playing Guitar, Bass, and Drums
  • Ham Radio
  • Shooting Sports
  • Hunting
  • Martial Arts
  • Reading (Yes, I do actually enjoy reading!)